Satellite Accounting

The Satellite Accounting Operations Division is the largest operational Division within the Auditor-Controller’s office with about 285 employees. Satellite Accounting Operations provide accounting services to eight County departments. The departments are: Health Care Agency (HCA), OC Community Resources (OCCR), OC Waste & Recycling (OCWR), John Wayne Airport (JWA), OC Public Works (OCPW), Social Services Agency (SSA), County Counsel, and the County Executive Office (CEO/Public Finance section). The accounting services provided are varied according to the needs of each host department.

John Wayne Airport
John Wayne Airport (JWA)
OC Public Works
OC Public Works (OCPW)

Satellite services include processing payroll, recording transactions, preparing grant claims and reports, processing accounts payable invoices, preparing financial statements, monitoring loans, preparing invoices/billings, preparing deposits, posting payments, preparing reconcillations, and collecting payments.

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