Uncashed Check FAQs


To obtain the most current list of Stale-Dated Checks for the County of Orange, you may:

  • Visit our online Stale-Dated Check Database. On this page you may perform a search of the stale-dated check list and download those results.
  • Submit your request online as a Public Records Request by clicking here or emailing your request to pioac@ac.ocgov.com. You will receive a request within 10 calendar days.
  • Submit your request in writing at:

Orange County Auditor-Controller
ATTN: Public Information Officer
1770 N. Broadway
Santa Ana, CA 92677

A Check becomes Stale Dated when it is at least 6 months but less than 30 months past the check’s issue date, or can be declared lost, stolen or destroyed by affidavit. This excludes any items considered private such as welfare payments, child support payments and employee payroll. Certain information may have been redacted per Government Code Section 6254©, 6254(k) or 6255 and California Constitution Article 1, Section 1.

The Stale-Dated Check List is comprised of County vendor payments, Tax-refund payments, miscellaneous refunds and other Accounts Payable checks. Currently, we do not have a “payment type” category available.

If you are the payee, and the check has been lost, stolen, or destroyed you may request a reissue by completing a reissue package. Instructions and forms can be found here.

If you are in possession of an original check more than 30 months past it’s issue date and you are the payee, please contact our offices to obtain a reissue of the check. Our office contact information can be found here.

At the time the list was produced all items were available to be reissued. However, due to the possibility that an item may be in the process of being claimed, we cannot guarantee that all items on the list are still available.

You can submit a package requesting a stale-dated check reissue. Instructions and forms required for submitting a package are located here.

Yes. Regardless of payee, each check must have a separate reissue package submitted.

Once a package is submitted, it will go through a review by multiple departments, and potentially need reissue approval by the original issuing agency. This process varies on a case by case basis. Please allow up to 12 weeks for processing. If you have not received an update on your package by 10 weeks from your mail/submission date, you may contact our office to request an update.

At this time we are unable to give a status on any item on this list due to the fact that a reissue package may have been submitted on an item and may be in the process of being claimed, or is in the mail ahead of your submission.

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