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Find Assessment or Property Tax information: Assessor Or Treasurer-Tax Collector

Who do I contact regarding disputes over property tax or assessments? Clerk of the Board


To obtain the most current list of Stale-Dated Checks for the County of Orange, you may:

  • Visit our online Stale-Dated Check Database. On this page you may perform a search of the stale-dated check list and download those results.
  • Submit your request online as a Public Records Request by clicking here or emailing your request to You will receive a request within 10 calendar days.
  • Submit your request in writing at:

Orange County Auditor-Controller
ATTN: Public Information Officer
1770 N. Broadway
Santa Ana, CA 92677

To request for check reissuance, please use our Affidavit (Corporation or Individual/LLC) and Power of Attorney forms.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure the following requirements are met before sending in the claim.  All required document must be original and submitted via mail.  Fax or email will NOT be accepted.

  • One affidavit form must be completed for each payee.
  • The affidavit must have payee name, check number (or payment reference number), check date, check amount, and signed by two officers with titles listed on the form unless the payee is an individual.
  • Information submitted must match the original check.
  • Only titles that are on the affidavit form are acceptable and the claimer must provide proof of the titles.
  • The power of attorney must have payee name, check number (or payment reference number), check date, check amount, payer name (County of Orange), and signed by the two same officers who sign the affidavit unless the payee is an individual.
  • Both officers have to be notarized on both affidavit and power of attorney, and their names must be listed under the notarization section on the affidavit.
  • Please mail the package to :

County of Orange Auditor-Controller
P.O. Box 567
Santa Ana, CA 92702-0567
Attn.  Check Writing

It varies case by case as the request needs to be reviewed and approved by the original issuing agency.

County employees should contact the Payroll Unit for their Department. You can also view details of your paycheck on the Employee Portal.

Vendors should contact the department they are doing business with to find the status of their payment.

An audit is an assessment of information for an organization, project, individual, or entity. Audits are conducted to provide insight on internal structure and its effectiveness, evaluate an entity’s performance, pursue any misconduct or wrongdoing, determine the accuracy of information, and propose solutions to problems identified.

The Auditor-Controller is the County’s Chief Accounting Officer, providing objective financial management, analysis and oversees the department of nearly 400 employees. The office handles the County’s accounting functions including budget control of the County’s $6.8 billion budget, payroll for all 18,000 County employees, handling of vendor payments, property tax allocation and distribution, and preparation of the county’s financial statements.

The Orange County Auditor-Controller is seeking motivated candidates who already have or are within a year of graduating with an undergraduate degree in accounting, business, finance, economics, or MPA/MPP/MBA/JD graduate degrees. Candidates must have strong analytical and writing skills—and a desire to be challenged—to apply to join our team.  The Orange County Auditor-Controller is also seeking motivated candidates in information technology and staff support services.

If you are interested in working for the Orange County Auditor-Controller, information about current recruitments are available at[0]=Auditor%2FController.  To receive information about future recruitments, please email Alexandru Bocicor at

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